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3x9 Casegoods Collection for Creative Wood

Office Typ_Multi-position.jpg

his collection anticipated many years before how we work today.  The minimalist aesthetic and clean lines of the design supports seamlessly the idea of untethering the computer to the desk and a paperless world. 3x9 presents three workplace settings: Future Proof, Thin Line and Multi Position, each comprised of a kit of parts that supports the use of technology to collaborate in a hybrid work mode.

Photographer: Creative Wood, courtesy of Gensler

* As Design Director while at Gensler

Product Design: Portafolio

IHO – DVO Conference Collection

This collection addresses the need for companies to incorporate conference designs that reinforce their brand and culture. The design provides choice of materials, configurations and budgets within a kit of part and sustainable framework.

Photographer: NA

*While associated with Gensler

Product Design: Portafolio

Schumacher Contract Textile Collection


The collection consists of three different yet related grid patterns. Insula and Intaglio, two of the three patterns, were developed from urban design concepts that study the beginning of entire towns. These fabrics were designed especially for commercial projects. The patterns are understated; however, they are rich in color and texture. In addition, each textile can be used solo or in conjunction with the other.

Photographer: Schumacher Contract

*While associated with LSM

Product Design: Portafolio
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