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The design concept is to emphasize the merchandise and direct clients inside the store through its architectural procession. The interior design is only a way of reaching these goals; it does not compete with the merchandise. The use of partitions in the sand textured walls contributes to the arrangement of different kinds of clothing. Carefully designed lighting helps create different effects on the walls, and on the deep green wood and frosted glass fixtures. At the same time, variation in the original ceiling height, from 7 feet 3 inches to 15 feet, made placing cupulas in the ceiling possible. These accentuated the importance of the micro-spaces created by the repetitive partitions in the wall, by the change of floor materials, and by the transparent and translucent glass panel fixtures.

Area: 6,200 SF (1,200 SF BOH, 5,000 SF store).

Photographer: Shinberg Levinas, courtesy of Shinberg Levinas

* As Designer while at Shinberg Levinas

Retail: Portafolio
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