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House “Reflejos de Agua y Arte Home”


If you watch nature long enough, over the course of seasons, you’ll see a compelling drama unfold. It was that experience, of watching the woods of McLean, Virginia, change throughout the year as they tell a story, that inspired the owners of this home to open up their residence to the forest and bring the outdoors in. The ensuing result is a space that serves as a gathering spot for family and a showcase for their collection of art and furniture, all against an ever-changing arboreal backdrop just outside of Washington, D.C.

Area: 5,691 SF

Photographer: Devon Banks Photography

Residential: Portafolio

Cathedral Avenue

Cathedral front 1.jpg
Cathedral back.jpg

This residence was developed as a speculative project in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Washington DC. The concept of this residence is based on a central element: the distribution hall. This hall is in the center of the house, and its half cylinder shape creates a central axis from which all other rooms emanate. Skylights in the ceiling bring daylight to these rooms. The hall accommodates a monumental oak stair, the only vertical circulation in the house. Because of its location, this hall creates a horizontal axis which divides private from public rooms on the first floor.  The house follows the elegant English Tudor style of the neighborhood.

Area: 7,000 SF

Photographer: Shinberg Levinas

*While associated with Shinberg Levinas

Residential: Portafolio
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