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Cassidy & Associates


Innovative bipartisan government relations firm that provides customized solutions to their clients. The design is based on creating a different perspective at every angle as you walk through the space; hence, experiencing opposite, conflicting, and different points of view.  The historic nature of the building brings an array of columns to the space. To integrate them, the team developed graphics inspired by an image of a boat cutting through swirling waters.  This design is a powerful metaphor for how the firm helps its clients navigate rough waters and at the same time provides a sense of calmness.

Area: 15,000 RSF

Photographer: JJ Jetel, courtesy of Gensler

* As Design Director while at Gensler

Corporate Interiors: Portafolio

Confidential Financial Firm 1


The design of this leading financial company in the energy sector is inspired by its core business, local context, and unobstructed views of the Potomac River.  Elements of fire, water, and wind are integral to the design and represent their business sectors. The building’s lack of square lines inspired the team to develop a language of organic solutions that embrace a natural vernacular. The result is a unique experience that takes them into the future.

Area: 51,000 RSF

Photographer: JJ Jetel, courtesy of Gensler

* As Design Director while at Gensler

Corporate Interiors: Portafolio

Confidential Financial Firm 2

LEED CI Silver Certified


The design of this headquarters in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, is about incorporating the core values of this organization into a holistic (physical and mental) experience.  The design embodies its mission to promote initiatives of social entrepreneurship focused on improving the quality of life of the least favored people in society in the education, health, economic development, and early childhood sectors.  The team created a series of paths and curated branded views that enhanced the user experience. Sustainability and wellness were also an integral part of the design. Using Active Design strategies and a fitness center as well as choices to refuge in the chapel or roof terrace (urban farm) promote universal wellness.

Area: 20,000 RSF

Photographer: Ana Georgina Barba Ampudia, courtesy of Gensler

* As Design Director while at Gensler


Corporate Interiors: Portafolio

Confidential Law Firm 1


This regional partnership exemplifies the profile of a progressive, finance-oriented legal firm with a refined appreciation for tradition. To enhance communication across the client's international offices, the designer crafted a conference center equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities and an auditorium-style room. Through a consistent design approach implemented across the law firm's global offices, all systems are standardized, empowering attorneys to seamlessly operate from any location while maintaining a familiar and comfortable working environment. 

Upon the successful completion of the 112,000-square-foot Washington, DC office, the client entrusted the designer with the task of developing three additional expansion spaces, thereby supplementing an extra 30,000 usable square feet to accommodate their accelerated growth. The design not only exceeded the client's expectations but also aligned seamlessly with their business objectives. As a testament to its success, the Washington, DC office served as the benchmark for eleven other offices situated globally. 

Photographer: Dean Alexander, courtesy of Gensler

* As Design Director while at Gensler

Corporate Interiors: Portafolio
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